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Stardom SOHORAID SR3610-2S-WBC 2-Bay Firewire800/USB2.0 External RAID Enclosure

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17th of April 2018 at 12:10 PM
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This has hardly had any use at all. Comes with two 500Mb drives making a total of 1TB. you can remove and replace the drives with a bigger capacity if needed.

Stardom SOHORAID SR3610-2S-WBC 2-Bay Firewire800/USB2.0 External RAID Enclosure with Build-In RAID 0,1 Support.

Removable drive. The best feature of all.

The SOHORAID comes with removable drive trays that enable you to install hard drives quickly and efficiently without having to figure out how re-assemble the unit back to its original condition. Best of all, if one drive was to fail, you may continue to work because the secondary drive will automatically pick up the status where the failed drive left off, cutting down the down time of you work. Without shutting off the system, you can remove the failed drive and replace with a new. Caution : Removing drive(s) is prohibited under the RAID 0 mode. Under the RAID 0 mode, if a drive fails or has been removed from system, all data would be entirely lost.

If you’re still backing up to that one hard drive in your PC via a software you’ve recently purchased and think that the studio shoot from 2 weeks ago or the video clip taken 2 hours ago are backed up and safe, you might want to give your backup solution a second thought. Once that drive is gone, you’ll be faced with finding the next best thing for your data backups. To truly backup your files and be protected from drive failures, you’ll require at least 2 drives to be in sync. The SOHORAID does exactly that. With simple installation and set up procedure, the SOHORAID will be RAID 1 ready to mirror and synchronize all of your precious digital contents onto both drives enclose within the system. Work normally on your PC without constant worries in forgetting to click the backup button via software, but rather be carefree and let the SOHORAID backup all of your files automatically and instantly!

With many videos now requiring high resolution formats, this would mean high speed storage in order to meet the requirements of video editing. Through the SOHORAID’s firewire 800 and eSATA models (reaching 100 MB/sec. speed), you can set it up to run at RAID 0 where you would be storing divided pieces of data into two drives simultaneously instead of one to increase the over all read/write performance.

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